MRTG Script for I/O Limiter
This is a little program that you can use to monitor the Linode I/O limiter using MRTG.
Sample configuration:
## IO request monitoring
Target[meat.io_rate]: `/usr/local/mrtg/`
Title[meat.io_rate]: I/O rate
YLegend[meat.io_rate]: Req/s
MaxBytes[meat.io_rate]: 400000
PageTop[meat.io_rate]: <h1> I/O rate </h1>
ShortLegend[meat.io_rate]: req
Legend1[meat.io_rate]: I/O Requests Per Second
LegendI[meat.io_rate]: Requests Per Second
Options[meat.io_rate]: growright,noo

## IO token bucket level
Target[meat.io_tokens]: `/usr/local/mrtg/`
Title[meat.io_tokens]: I/O tokens
YLegend[meat.io_tokens]: I/O Tokens
MaxBytes[meat.io_tokens]: 400000
PageTop[meat.io_tokens]: <h1> I/O tokens </h1>
Legend2[meat.io_tokens]: tokens
LegendO[meat.io_tokens]: Tokens
Options[meat.io_tokens]: growright,gauge,noi